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Drawback: It's expensive.

There are 2 main sections:

  • Logic
  • App


It supports python like a jupyter notebook, and much more features are supported.

Table Visualization


Chart visualization with data from a data frame


Widgets such as multiselect, slider, dropdown, and mapping to python variable

Similar features also supported in Jupiter Notebook, but requires writing code.

This allows user to pick a input and generate a custom visualization.


SQL Support

HEX supports SQL query from SQL databases or pandas data frame.



All of the functionalities I discussed above come from the Logic Section.

The App section displays output from Logic. It's like echo=FALSE in RMarkdown.

You may select the output to display from Logic.


Scheduled Run

Cron job supported.

Job can be added hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

Notification also supported like a CI pipeline.

Similar to my project cron-crawler-template, but can be done more easily.

Since the script can be run periodically, it your data is time-sentsitive, everytime your audience open the page, the data displayed will always be up to date.



A notebook can be embedded into other web pages using iframe.

Notion embed also supported.


This is a great app as a always-up-to-date data visualization.

I will used it to display my LeetCode Scraper result.